I was born into a musical family, just about every person in my family can pick up an instrument and play it. My mother played the piano and was in the theatre for dance and I was following in her footsteps. I was a dancer growing up and this was my passion I played piano for a little while but secretly I used to love singing when no one was home! (Who doesn't right?)

In 2009 I was in an incident where I hurt my shoulder and dance as a career was no longer an option. In 2010, I was in high school and one of my friends had put her name down for the school talent quest to sing. The day before the quest she was feeling really nervous and nearly pulled out. I was so excited to see her perform and it hurt me to think that she could possibly miss out on the experience because she was worried about what people might think. I encouraged her to perform by offering to sing with her. She asked me "Do you even sing?" and I responded "No, but I can try" it felt great to be the reason she was able to step out of her comfort zone. I enjoyed performing with her and from then on I started to take on singing lessons.I worked really hard and I practiced really hard and with singing this kind of work brings results very quickly.

Soon after I started doing musicals outside of school I was involved in the 'Boy from Oz' & 'Beauty and the Beast' musicals with AMTC. I also decided to choose music for my year 12 HSC and received the highest grade in my year, I received the music award as well as the region award for my efforts and results in music. After school I then moved into the gigging scene where I have performed at clubs, pubs, cafes, weddings, carnivals and fundraisers which has given me an amazing amount of performance experience that I cannot wait to share. Soon after my gigging career was well on it's way I also began to start teaching in the Shoalhaven at the singing school that my singing coach was running and I gained my Voiceology accreditation. Soon after I started teaching I knew it was for me, I had a little bit of experience dance teaching so I knew that I loved teaching already but watching my students improve so rapidly and gain confidence was so rewarding. As well, having the ability to turn a person into a great singer and then a great singer into an artist, there is no feeling like it! Quite quickly I grew a great name for myself at the studio because of my hard work, dedication and the ability to transform voices. 

Now, here I am with my very own vocal coaching school that I am ever so proud of. I created VIBE to make a safe space for children and adults to come and learn how to sing whether it be just for fun or to build a career in singing in a safe, judgement free zone. The Voiceology method by Marion Rouvas that I spoke of earlier in this text I give so much of my credit to. For myself and many of my previous students Voiceology has allowed our singers to have no limit with their potential. It gives us a one up on the industry with the ability to sing for hours on end safely, with no damage or strain. It allows power with ease and the ability to have complete control over our very own wind instrument 'the voice'. I can't wait to share my knowledge with all of my new students. 

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Voiceology Australia Method by Marion Rouvas